Special Circumstances

  • Healing from Abuse: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0251)

    Abuse damages hearts and souls. It lays down a layer of shame in which the wounded heart lays cocooned. What is shame? What is abuse? This video gets to the heart of abuse, the damage it creates and the distortion we have of ourselves as a result. It provides some practical tools to turn a wounde...

  • Post Abortion Healing: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0252)

    Abortion, while extremely common and legal in our country today, leaves scars and wounds, some physical, some emotional, and some psychological. Even the person that seems unscathed bears the hurts and wounds from this choice. Told through the stories of women who suffered from their abortions an...

  • Relationship Loss: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0253)

    Human beings were designed to have connections and relationships with others. And, true relationships are forged with love, trust, and intimacy. But, sometimes those relationships fall apart and end. Other times, significant people in our lives die. The feelings of pain and despair are real, and ...

  • Domestic Family Violence: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0254)

    Family violence is about power and control. And, the members of a household with the least power - the children - are often the ones most harmed, even if they aren’t the direct target of the attack. This video program examines family violence and its impact on children. It defines, explains, and ...

  • Pregnancy Loss: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0255)

    Pregnancy brings hopes, and dreams, and the realization that you have created life. But, sadly, some never make it through the first division of that precious zygote that is your child. Some never make it through the 1st trimester. Often, friends and family unknowingly deny a woman the right to g...

  • Sex and You: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0378)

    Sex is a basic human desire that plays a huge role in your life. We’re all motivated by different reasons for having sex, but it can dramatically change our lives for better or worse. As much as our culture wants to downplay the seriousness of sex, the truth is there are always strings attached,...

  • The Heart of the Matter: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0379)

    We all desire a deep connection with another person. We want a relationship where we are known and loved. And…we want to have a great sex life too. But can you have all of this through hookups, one-night-stands, or by living with someone before marriage? Our culture says, “YES!” In this video, ...

  • STD/STI Avoidance: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0380)

    We live in a day where hooking up is as easy as a swipe to the right with no strings attached. There are friends with benefits, sex without a relationship or sex to keep one, sex as a way to get to know someone, sex to get what you want, and sex to forget someone you love. But is this really true...

  • Choosing Marriage: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0381)

    Many in our culture today view marriage as inconvenient and costly—outdated, unattainable, and maybe even the stuff of fantasy. Many have a “try before you buy” motto about relationships. But does this REALLY get you to where you want to be—in a relationship with the guy who wants to spend his li...

  • Making the Commitment: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0382)

    Finding the right guy to live life with is both valuable and worth putting in the time and effort for! Commitment and determination, if you stick with it, WILL net you the kind of love you want—the kind that puts you first and keeps you first forever. But commitment isn’t easy. In this video, we’...

  • Child Abuse & Neglect: Special Circumstances Pack (SC-0466)

  • OnWatch Lesson 1: Introduction to Sex Trafficking (SC-0707)

    In lesson one, participants get a better understanding of the prevalence of sex trafficking in the United States and establish a baseline understanding of trafficking, but most importantly the importance of survivor identification.

  • OnWatch Lesson 2: Child Sexual Abuse and Familial Trafficking (SC-0708)

    The purpose of Lesson 2 is to gain a better understanding of familial trafficking and recognize the signs that indicate that trafficking or child sexual abuse is taking place in the home so you can be better equipped to identify victims.

  • OnWatch Lesson 3: Grooming Through Gaming (SC-0709)

    The purpose of Lesson 3 is to gain a better understanding of grooming and the signs that indicate that a child may be experiencing predatory behavior, so you can step in before the situation escalates into trafficking.

  • OnWatch Lesson 4: Adult Entertainment and Escalation (SC-0710)

    The purpose of Lesson 4 is to gain a better understanding of how the adult entertainment industry can intersect with and perpetuate the sex trafficking industry, as well as encourage participants to consider potential misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the topic.

  • OnWatch Lesson 5: Sexting to Sextortion (SC-0711)

    The purpose of Lesson 5 is to gain a better understanding of the role that technology plays in sex trafficking by learning about sexting, sextortion, child pornography, and blackmail so that you will be better able to recognize the signs and indicators of potential trafficking.

  • OnWatch: Lesson 6 :Boyfriending (SC-0712)

    The purpose of Lesson 6 is to gain a better understanding of a grooming process called boyfriending and how it can lead to trafficking in order to better spot, report, and prevent child sex trafficking.

  • OnWatch Lesson 7: Why Don't They Leave (SC-0713)

    The purpose of Lesson 7 is to learn about tactics of traffickers, reasons victims stay compliant, and long-lasting effects of trafficking. This knowledge will give you a better understanding of why victims do not always leave a dangerous situation which will better equip you to fight trafficking....

  • OnWatch Lesson 8: Survivor Identification and Reporting (SC-0714)

    The purpose of Lesson 8 is to understand reasons victims don't identify themselves. Audience will learn how to safely report suspected trafficking to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, or call 911 if immediate help is needed.

  • OnWatch Lesson 9: Prevention and Protecting Your Community (SC-0715)

    The purpose of Lesson 9 is to gain a better understanding of how to prevent trafficking in your community and increase your confidence in reporting suspicious activity that could lead to trafficking.

  • OnWatch Lesson 10: Hope. Freedom. Future. (SC-0716)

    The purpose of Lesson 10 is to build an understanding of the steps being taken to eradicate child sex trafficking in America and what role you play in doing that. It offers you encouragement and thanks you for taking the training.

  • OnWatch Lesson 11: Cycle of Revictimization (SC-0717)

    The purpose of Lesson 11 is to outline the cycle of revictimization and how previous traumatic experiences are a vulnerability for someone to be groomed to be trafficked.

  • OnWatch Lesson 12: Vulnerability of Individuals with Disabilities (SC-0718)

    The purpose of Lesson 12 is to help individuals understand how disabilities can be a vulnerability for trafficking and identify signs and indicators of trafficking in disabled individuals.

  • OnWatch Lesson 13: Identifying Trafficking Victims in Schools (SC-0719)

    The purpose of Lesson 13 is to outline identifiers in school-aged children and help you to equip your community to spot, prevent, and report trafficking in your demographic.